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Empower young girls to be confident in their bodies

The Issue

We want to live in a world where young people feel confident about their bodies – inside and out. But, when more than half of young girls avoid everyday activities because they lack body confidence, we’re clearly not there yet.

What can we do about it?

Talking openly about body image can be tricky – young girls often say “I’m fine” when they mean the opposite. So how can we empower them to open up, embrace their inner beauty and speak their minds with confidence? The Dove Self-Esteem Project works with parents, teachers and youth workers to help them address girls’ low self-esteem.

Find the tools you need to get the conversation started and help young girls develop a healthy body image and to practice body confidence.

Since 2004, Dove has been building self-esteem in young people – and by 2030, we’ll have helped ¼ billion through our educational programmes. Explore our resources now and become part of our movement towards a more body-confident world.

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