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Forced haircuts in Thailand – let’s liberate not dictate

The Problem

In Thailand, if a girl’s hair is too long, it will be cut – if it’s short but not at the earlobe, it will also be cut. The result? Every schoolgirl looks identical.

This practice of punishing students with forced haircuts is an issue that has been cutting the confidence of children for decades. And for students who refuse to conform? They’ll be punished or even suspended.

What we can do about it

A forced haircut takes away more than a girl's hair. It cuts her confidence and self-esteem and minimizes her desire to be at school.

Dove is on a mission to detoxify beauty and that’s why it’s created the #LetHerGrow campaign to tackle this issue head on.

It’s captured the attention of people all over the world who knew nothing about this practise, sparking debate and forcing a call for change.

Over 700 personal experiences have been shared and over 2.7 thousand pledges made to the campaign. It’s time to create a future where students can grow into the greatest version of themselves.

Will you join the movement?

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