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A shower bottle being displayed

Help people living on the streets with The Right to Shower

The issue

When we get up in the morning, we don’t think twice about taking a shower. But for more than 567,000 Americans who experience homelessness each day, this is a luxury that they can’t access.

What can we do about it?

Simple things that we take for granted, like a shower, can help people experiencing homelessness feel like themselves again. Being clean can restore dignity, renew confidence, and empower people living on the streets to engage with their communities and seek the services and care they deserve.

No one should be denied dignity, support, or access to cleanliness because they lack stable housing. This ethos inspired us at Unilever, to launch The Right to Dignity. Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of people living on the streets. We’ve partnered with LavaMae, which brings ‘Radical Hospitality’ to the streets through its Mobile Hygiene Service and Pop-Up Care Villages.

You can be part of this clean revolution too. Buy The Right to Shower beauty products and we’ll donate 30% of the profits to mobile shower units across the US – or go one step further and set up a new mobile shower service using our toolkit to help you.

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