Get Hacking … Calling All Young Problem Solvers of Tomorrow

Hack for a better, brighter future

The issue

The 2030 Global Goals are less than a decade away and achieving them will require huge amounts of imagination as well as effort. In the wake of Covid-19, creative ideas are in greater need than ever. So, where might such inspiration come from?

Calling young hackers

Young people have great reserves of energy, imagination, and creativity, as well as a passion for change. The Youth Power Hacks present an opportunity to mine these unique qualities for ideas that can drive forward the Global Goals.

The hackathon will run in six countries – Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, India, The Philippines, and Indonesia – between February and April 2021. Do live in one of these countries? Are you under 30? If so, boot up your creative juices and join us.

The future not only should be better. By turning to the world’s youth for solutions, it could be better. Happy hacking.

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Get hacking... calling all young problem solvers of tomorrow

Passionate about change? Join the Youth Power Hacks

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