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#SaveRalph - a rabbit dressed person on a couch

Help end animal testing for cosmetics for good

The issue

For decades, scientists have been developing alternatives to animal testing. It’s not necessary to test on animals to make sure that Unilever’s products are safe. But, under some regulations, animal testing for cosmetics is still a requirement. We say #UseScienceNotAnimals.

What we can do about it

At Unilever, we’ve been developing alternatives to animal testing for 40 years and since 2018 have publicly supported calls for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics by 2023. That’s why we’re backing the latest Humane Society International (HSI) campaign called Save Ralph, calling for regulatory change.

Ralph is the campaign spokesbunny (voiced by Oscar winner Taika Waititi). He may be cute, but his swollen eye and bandaged ear tells a darker story.

The #SaveRalph video, which you may find upsetting and should be viewed with caution, follows Ralph’s daily life as a lab “tester”, shining a light on the plight of rabbits and other animals that are used in laboratory experiments.

If you agree that it’s time to use science not animals for assessing product safety, support the #SaveRalph campaign.

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