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Two people in metadata universe

Join a world where everyone is free to love

The problem

Did you know that fewer than three in five young people believe they are free to love anyone, regardless of their background? And, eight in ten youths long for a world where people are free to be with the person they’re attracted to?

We’ve made strides in embracing diversity, but we clearly still have a long way to go when it comes to prejudice or preconceived notions about relationships.

What we can do about it

If you feel like your love is misunderstood, or you want to find a place where all kinds of relationships are acceptable, a world built on the freedom to love awaits.

It’s called the Closeup City Hall of Love and it’s an inclusive space within Decentraland, where you can get married on the metaverse.

Leveraging the emerging technology of the metaverse, Closeup has fulfilled an unmet need in the real world of marriage inequality. Closeup champions love of all kinds, and believes the freedom to love is a universal right. At the Closeup City Hall of Love, couples can immortalise their love on the blockchain, mint their very own NFT marriage certificate, and celebrate with invited guests.

And, to celebrate Pride Month, the Decentraland community is hosting the MetaprideLand Festival, with outrageous floats, performances and dance parties.

If this sounds like your kind of place, visit now – and spread the word so more couples are free to celebrate their love for each other.

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