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Nothing to eat? Think again. Hellmann’s mayo bottle and jar with messaging: turn leftovers into dinners. Brand slogan ‘we’re on the side of food’

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The issue

Globally, a third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted and more than 60% of this comes from our homes.

No one sets out with the intention of throwing good food away. But plans change, and before you know it, Saturday’s food is still sitting in the fridge the following Thursday.

What we can do about it

Research from Hellmann’s shows there’s a simple way to reduce the amount of food we throw away by a third – have your own ‘Use-Up Day’ once a week.

How? By making a meal using ingredients that are already in your kitchen. This might sound easy in theory, but it’s often a bit tricker in practice.

That’s why Hellmann’s has created their new Fridge Night app. Available to people in the UK and US, the app is full of flexible recipes – or flexipes – to help you save food, time and money.

Simply download the app, then search the recipe finder by ingredient to see what you can create with the items you have. And if you’re looking for more helpful ideas on reducing your food waste, check out the Fridge Night E-book booklet too.

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