Dripping tap with the text "tap challange"

Map your tap to raise money for clean water

The issue

Every day, we take it for granted that we can thoroughly wash our hands with soap and water to reduce the spread of disease. But for 3 billion people globally, this is a basic human right that they are denied.

What can we do about it?

WaterAid’s Tap Challenge is all about raising awareness and vital funds to help change this. Map a walk, run or cycle in the shape of a tap in a show of solidarity for those who are denied the basic human right of clean water. Plot your route, move your feet and raise some money to help make a difference and save lives.

Whether you're looking to mix up your weekly jog or attempt a quirky marathon challenge, this is the perfect opportunity to take on an activity with a difference. All you need is a GPS tracking app, a pair of trainers and some determination!

Your Tap Challenge can be any length or duration – just make sure it creates a water-themed object or word. To get started, follow WaterAid’s helpful how-to guide, download a GPS-capable app and begin plotting your route.

Map a walk, run or cycle to help change lives

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