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Two informal waste pickers

Supply waste for a cleaner environment in Africa

The issue

Informal waste pickers and their communities in Africa face marginalisation, suffering and large-scale disadvantage. They often work in poor conditions that put their health at risk without being paid a fair wage for the important job they do.

What can we do about it?

Mr. Green Africa has found a solution that gives waste pickers a higher income and a recognised role in society. By offering fair and stable prices for the waste they collect, this helps to create pathways out of poverty for them.

The recyclable waste they collect is processed into valuable raw material and fed back into plastic manufacturers’ supply chains – enabling them to achieve their circular economy goals and creating a positive environmental impact.

If you are a collector of post-consumer waste or a supplier of post-production waste, then Mr. Green Africa wants your waste! If you can provide PET water and soda bottles, HDPE bottles and containers, PP bottle tops and tubs, or PAP cartons and packaging, get in touch to become part of the movement.

Supply recyclable waste to feed the circular economy

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