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Turtle swimming in the deep sea

Tell world leaders to protect our ocean and climate

The problem

Our ocean is the blue beating heart of our planet, but we are failing to protect its important habitats.

Marine habitats like seagrass are too often neglected when it comes to inclusion in climate policies. This is a major risk if left unprotected – the annual destruction of seagrass is estimated to release 299 million tonnes of carbon every year.

Not only that, but mangroves are being wiped out and coral reefs are bleaching and dying. It’s bad news for our planet, our climate and for every one of us.

What we can do about it

The world is now really feeling the effects of climate change and we need politicians to listen to the scientific community.

What they are telling us is clear – half-hearted protection is no longer enough. We need effective legislation and rewilding programmes to help protect our marine habitats. And we need it now.

National governments have the chance to protect our ocean at COP26 summit in Glasgow. Join the Environmental Justice Foundation’s campaign – sign the open letter and urge them to act.

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