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Future of work

Innovative solutions for the new world of work

The future of work is the rapid transformation of employee needs, their roles and the shape of the workforce. We believe it is our responsibility to support our current and future workforce in adapting to these changes. Our approach to envisioning the future of work is based on three key elements: the work, the workplace, and the workforce.

With WIRED Consulting and a team of experts, we’ve explored three innovative ideas that bring this to life. The first is the pixelated workforce, which breaks down job roles into specific tasks and activities. The second is the creation of internal marketplaces that allow workers to reshape their career paths by accessing unique opportunities. Finally, we have explored the concept of a "skills passport" to promote a more diverse talent pool and connect workers with opportunities across the globe.

Factory worker assessing material
Placid Jover, Chief Talent and Reward Officer at Unilever

“Flexibility can mean something different for everyone, each answer is unique to the individual and their needs now. Businesses have embraced a popular strategy that aligns with the trend towards hybrid working in the post-pandemic era. It’s important to note that true flexibility extends beyond hybrid working and cannot be limited to it.”

Placid Jover, Chief Talent and Reward Officer
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