Improving nutrition

This work supports the following UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger
  • Good Health and Wellbeing
  • Partnership For The Goals

Nutritious diets

We are empowering people to consume more nutritious foods and drinks.

Bowl of healthy food

Power to the people

It seems that people have never been as interested in food and nutrition as they are today. Our appetite to explore new cultures through food appears insatiable, as is sharing our latest food experiences via social media. With ever-increasing amounts of big data and mobile apps, information is empowering people to take ownership of their health. People want to know what is in the foods they eat, how they prepare delicious nutritious meals and to understand how they can live heathier lives.

Helping people make nutritious choices

In the Responsibly Delicious section of this report, we talk about the goodness of our products and how we are making them even more nutritious, reducing nutrients of concern and increasing positive nutrition. However, for people to benefit from these changes, they need to incorporate healthier options into their diet and lifestyle. And they need to understand how an occasional treat, such as ice cream, can be incorporated responsibly into their diet.

Our focus is on promoting healthy nutrition habits – from nutritious recipes and cooking, to making eating out of the home healthier, and encouraging healthy hydration. This is supported by on-pack labelling which ensures people are given simple and clear information about what’s in our products. We also follow responsible marketing policies to help people make responsible food choices. Affordability and accessibility to help as many people as possible enjoy our foods and refreshments is another key part of our approach. Finally, to maximize our efforts to improve nutrition, we work together with others.

Nutritious diets

Read more about how we are making a difference to millions of people by promoting nutritious diets – through encouraging healthy nutrition habits, our responsible nutrition labelling and responsible marketing policies, increasing affordability and accessibility, and our partnerships to reach even more people.

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