CDP Index

In 2018, we were listed on the CDP A Lists for Climate and Supplier Engagement.

In support of our transparency ambitions, we have published our submissions for the CDP investor questionnaires for the first time. The tables below reference the corresponding sections of each of the responses provided by Unilever to help users to navigate through the content.

The full CDP submissions for 2018 are available here:

CDP Climate sectionPage numberCDP Water sectionPage numberCDP Forests sectionPage number
C0 Introduction1W0 Introduction1F0 Introduction1
C1 Governance7W1 Current state10F1 Current state4
C2 Risks and opportunities14W2 Business impacts60F2 Procedures44
C3 Business strategy35W3 Procedures68F3 Risks and opportunities55
C4 Targets and performance41W4 Risks and opportunities92F4 Governance66
C5 Emissions methodology56W5 Facility-level water accounting134F5 Business strategy76
C6 Emissions data59W6 Governance162F6 Implementation79
C7 Emissions breakdown75W7 Business strategy176F7 Linkages and tradeoffs102
C8 Energy88W8 Targets186F8 Verification104
C9 Additional metrics96W9 Linkages and tradeoffs196F9 Barriers and challenges107
C10 Verification100W10 Verification200
C11 Carbon pricing108

C12 Engagement114

C13 Other land management impacts138

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