Advancing human rights with suppliers

Sourcing through suppliers who commit to promote human rights.

Suppliers are key in helping us to source responsibly

The Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights endorsed by the United Nations in 2011 underpin our own high standards of corporate behaviour.

Our suppliers play a critical role in helping us to source responsibly and we work with those who are committed to implement our Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP), including ensuring transparency, remedy of shortcoming and driving continuous improvement. We require every new supplier to commit to the RSP before entering into a business relationship.

For existing suppliers – starting with our 1,200 strategic suppliers – we expect them to begin immediately analysing their operations for gaps and improving any non-conformity before moving on the level of good and best practice. Our RSP uses a three-stage, continuous improvement ladder to encourage progression towards best practice.

Where applicable, we also assess suppliers against the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code, Sustainable Wood Fibre-Based Material Policy, and Unilever Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.

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