Our approach to sustainable sourcing

Through our sustainable agriculture programme we are making progress across a growing number of materials.

Sourcing priority raw materials

Our Sustainable Agriculture Code is at the heart of our approach to sustainable sourcing. We use it to benchmark against sustainability standards from external sectors. Where no external standards exist, we use our Code to ensure progress in sourcing our agricultural raw materials sustainably.

We use a wide range of raw materials to make our products. Our major raw materials are palm oil and tea. We buy around 1% of the world’s soy oil to use in our spreads, mayonnaise and dressings, such as our Hellmann’s ranges. We also need significant quantities of a variety of vegetables and herbs, largely for our Knorr brand. For our ice creams, we buy dairy, fruit and around 1% of the world’s cocoa production. We use sugar and eggs in many products too and have extended our programme to cereals, starches, meat, nuts and mustard.

We use significant quantities of wood fibre-based material, mainly for paper and board as renewable and recyclable packaging for our products. In 2015, we launched our Wood Fibre-Based Materials Policy for suppliers (PDF | 218KB).

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