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Transformational change

Driving transformational change

Lifebuoy soap India

We aim to make a transformational difference to those big issues that matter most to our business and to the world.

Climate action - advocacy, policy & partnership

If It's Melted, It's Ruined - Ben & Jerry's London March

We are addressing climate change and human development together, to help eradicate poverty and accelerate economic development.

Eliminating deforestation through advocacy & partnership

Deforestation scene

Our ambition is to eliminate deforestation from the world’s commodity supply chains, and so combat the threat from climate change.

Improving Livelihoods & creating opportunities for women

Woman picking onions

Empowering women is critical to eradicating poverty and accelerating global development.

Championing sustainable agriculture & food security

A vanilla farmer harvesting the beans - Copyright Symrise

Our ambition is for sustainable agriculture to become mainstream, as the best way we can help end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition as one of the global Sustainable Development Goals.

Improving health & well-being

Domestos toilet academy Vietnam

Our ambition is to achieve universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

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