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To win the war against unsafe sanitation and poor hygiene

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Domestos is also known as:

  • Glorix

    Netherlands, Russian Federation

  • Domex

    Pakistan, Philippines

  • Promax


  • Vim

    Uruguay, Viet Nam

Domestos is the world’s number one disinfectant designed to kill germs and bacteria in high traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Winning the war against unsafe sanitation and poor hygiene

One in three people worldwide are in danger of sickness and disease because they don’t have access to a sanitary toilet.

Classroom in partnership with UNICEF

Our partnership with UNICEF

Domestos have been working together with UNICEF to tackle unsafe sanitation and improve hygiene. Over the last 10 years, we have helped 29 million people get access to safe toilets, but we won’t stop there. We have committed to helping 100 million people access improved standards of sanitation and hygiene by 2030.

Domestos and UNICEF focus their efforts on marginalised communities in India, targeting the places and spaces where people are most vulnerable to infections.

The partnership works in hard-to-reach communities, like the rural village of Dibrugarh, Assam to deliver access to toilets to the local community for the first time and improve regional sanitation access.

The Domestos and UNICEF partnership is not just about building toilets, it’s about behaviour change and the development of sustainable, community-led approaches to sanitation and hygiene in schools, public places and homes.

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2 in 3 People worldwide risk disease as they don’t have access to a clean, safe toilet

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213,000 Schoolchildren reached through our schools programme to provide cleaner, safer toilets

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Working alongside UNICEF, Domestos has helped 29 million people gain improved access to a toilet over 2012-2020

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