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Unilever at a glance

Established over 100 years ago, we are one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. We are known for our great brands and our belief that doing business the right way drives superior performance.

Various Unilever Products

Global footprint and reach

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  • 190countrieswhere our products are sold
  • 4.4 million retail storesserved by distributors in top 10 emerging markets
  • 59.6 billionturnover in 2023with 58% in emerging markets

Iconic global and local brands

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  • 3.4 billionpeopleuse our products every day
  • ~75%of turnoverfrom our 30 Power Brands
  • 8.6 billionspendon Brand and Marketing Investment

Engaged and diverse talent base

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  • 128,000  peopleemployed by Unilever worldwide
  • 84%engagement scorein UniVoice employee survey
  • 55%of our managersare women

Digital and technology-enabled operations

  • 57,000suppliersin around 150 countries
  • 280+factoriesoperated by Unilever
  • 23 millioncustomer ordersserviced

Differentiated science and technology

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  • 949 millionspendon Research and Development
  • 20,000+patentsprotecting our discoveries and breakthrough innovations
  • 1.8 billionincremental turnoverfrom innovations

Deep sustainability expertise

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  • AAA-2023 ratingin CDP Forests, Water and Climate
  • 74%reductionin GHG emissions in our operations since 2015
  • 1.9 millionSMEsuse our digital platforms to help grow their businesses

Our structure

Our brands operate in five Business Groups, each with a clear vision laddering up to our purpose.

Beauty & Wellbeing

We believe in Positive Beauty, Healthy Lifestyles. We’re embracing a new era of beauty and wellbeing. One that’s inclusive. Equitable. Regenerative. Positive.

Brands you may know: Dove, Liquid I.V., Sunsilk and Vaseline.

€12.5 billion turnover in 2023.

Personal Care

We believe in caring for people and planet. Through our brands, we’re taking action to drive positive change.

Brands you may know: Rexona, Dove, Lifebuoy, LUX and Axe.

€13.8 billion turnover in 2023.

Home Care

Superior. Sustainable. Great value.

Clean Future is our strategy to tap into a vast segment of consumers who want easy and delightful experiences with products that are sustainable and, importantly, great value.

Brands you may know: OMO, Domestos, Cif and Comfort.

€12.2 billion turnover in 2023.


We are a Force for Good in Food.

We strive for a future where our food system can put good food on 10 billion plates while caring for our planet.

Brands you may know: Hellmann’s, Knorr and Horlicks.

€13.2 billion turnover in 2023.

Awards and recognition - leading in Sustainable Business

We’re proud to have been recognised by many respected organisations for our work.

GlobeScan Sustainability Leaders Survey

The GlobeScan Sustainability Leaders Survey is the largest and longest-running survey of its kind, tracking expert opinion on sustainability leadership across the world. Unilever has been named as a sustainability leader by GlobeScan for well over a decade and was ranked number two in the 2023 survey.

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Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

In the 2024 edition of the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25, we held our position in the exclusive ‘Masters’ category for the sixth year running.

To be considered Masters, companies must have attained top-five composite scores for at least seven out of the last ten years.

The ranking comprises two main components: business performance and community opinion.

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S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment

In the S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2022 (previously known as the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Index), we were awarded Global Gold Glass for our performance across an extensive range of environmental, social and governance criteria.

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WARC Rankings 2024

The WARC rankings celebrate excellence in media, creativity and effectiveness. In 2024, Unilever was recognised across all three:

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CDP 'A' list

In 2023, we were named on the ‘A’ list by environmental non-profit group CDP for our action to protect forests and water security. We achieved ‘A-‘ for climate change.

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Bottles of Seventh Generation washing-up liquid lined up on a table

Our strategy

We have made five key strategic choices to drive our business growth and to make a positive difference to our world.

Hein Schumacher

Our leadership

Our international leadership team drives our company, guides our strategy and leads our people.

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