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Partner to Win

Unilever's strategic partnership programme focuses on building mutual strategic growth benefits with our partners through collaborative innovation, transformation, and excellence.

In 2024, the programme evolved to reflect Unilever’s Growth Action Plan (GAP) announced in October 2023. Our aim is to maintain our position as market leaders and the Partner of Choice, with sustainability remaining a cornerstone of our strategy; exactly what we need to deliver our GAP.

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We want to drive a focused action plan to unlock potential and deliver consistent value creation. We will achieve this by focusing on multi-year breakthrough innovations, driving category growth and premiumisation, and doubling down on our sustainability efforts.

We first introduced Partner to Win (PTW) in 2011, marking a shift in Procurement’s approach from transactional relationships to building strategic partnerships focused on collaborative innovation. However, in response to changing market conditions, Unilever pivoted its partnerships approach and launched Partner with Purpose in 2020 to better reflect our sustainability commitments. With our ongoing efforts to step up impact across our four sustainable pillars, and our partnerships programme now helping to drive the GAP, we have reintroduced Partner to Win to best capture our new strategic direction.

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Becoming a Unilever supplier

Any individual, business, or organisation wanting to partner with us needs to go through our Unilever Supplier Qualification System (USQS).

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