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Behind the science: new technology for clear, bright, glowing skin


Shanghai-based skincare scientist Erica Liang explains how Niasorcinol™ – a new development from experts at the POND’S Skin Institute – is clinically proven to help improve skin’s clarity and natural radiance.

A selection of products from the Pond’s Skin Institute Bright Miracle range, including facial foam and day serum

Glowing skin is a growing trend – and so is the market for potent ingredients to boost skin’s natural brightness. According to a report from Future Market Insights, the global market for niacinamide – a type of vitamin B3 which can help skin appear brighter – was valued at $1.2 billion in 2022 and predicted to more than double to $2.5 billion by 2032.

Meanwhile the global market for retinol cosmetics – which encourage skin to renew by promoting cell turnover – was valued at $22 million in 2021 and predicted to hit $36.4 million by 2031.

The skincare scientists behind our POND’S brand have explored cutting-edge technology to deliver on this rocketing demand for a radiant complexion. Experts from the POND’S Skin Institute recently unveiled Niasorcinol™ at the World Congress of Dermatology.

Now this exclusive technology features as the hero complex in POND’S Skin Institute’s new Bright Miracle range – a collection which includes potent day and night serums, day cream and facial foam cleanser.

Niasorcinol™ is a Unilever development that combines the power of radiance-enhancing ethyl resorcinol with the benefits of niacinamide. The results? Improved skin brightening, clarity and glow, and clinically proven efficacy in reducing the appearance of stubborn dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Here Research Technician Erica Liang (pictured) from our Shanghai R&D site shares the science behind POND’S Skin Institute’s innovative skincare.

Erica Liang, a scientist at the Pond’s Skin Institute. Erica has long dark hair, a pink blouse and a white lab coat

Erica, please describe the skincare technology that allows Niasorcinol™ to elevate skin’s natural glow and improve clarity.

This new technology is inspired by a scientific concept known as autophagy – a discovery which won the 2016 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine.

Skin’s autophagy is its ability to self-repair, remaining naturally beautiful and healthy against aggressors like UV, and pollution which can deplete its ability to regenerate. Melanin-rich skin has weaker autophagy ability than lighter skin, and older skin has weaker autophagy ability than younger skin.

What makes Niasorcinol™ so special is that it can boost skin’s autophagy, helping to improve its natural brightness and glow.

How does the Niasorcinol™ in POND’S Skin Institute’s Bright Miracle products achieve this?

This breakthrough innovation combines our e-resorcinol technology and niacinamide to minimise the appearance of five types of spots and excess pigmentation. It has the ability to work up to 20 layers deep to repair micro damage and increase skin’s own brightening power by 200%.

What sets POND’S Skin Institute’s new skin brightening products apart from other skincare?

Common dark spot-reduction ingredients, such as acids, niacinamide or vitamin C, exfoliate the skin to speed up melanin shed, or inhibit melanin transfer and synthesis. However, skin exfoliation can only tackle surface spots, and melanin transfer or synthesis inhibition can only slow down or prevent the formation of dark spots.

POND’S Skin Institute’s new generation of spot-reduction technology addresses consumer pain-points for faster spot-reduction.

And finally, POND’S Skin Institute’s Bright Miracle products are clinically proven to boost skin glow. But how do you define and measure skin’s natural brightness?

Naturally glowing skin is bright, clear, flawless, smooth and hydrated. In double-blind clinical tests, dermatologists used sophisticated instruments to objectively evaluate the degree of skin brightness, visible spot-reduction, pore minimisation and hydration before and after use of the product.

They used rigorous statistical analysis to conclude that POND’S Bright Miracle Serum can give bright and glowing skin after three days of use.

When it comes to science-backed skincare from POND’S Skin Institute, the future’s certainly looking bright.


This article has been edited to correctly describe Niasorcinol™ as a complex rather than an ingredient.

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