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From farm to film: Saving soil, protecting livelihoods


How our Iowa cover crop programme went from farm to film.

A man in a baseball cap holds the hand of a little girl while walking across a ploughed field to a pick-up truck.

How can we make agriculture sustainable for farmers, business and the planet? The answer is literally at our feet... in healthy soil.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, a third of the world’s soil is moderately to highly degraded.

Regenerative agriculture practices such as cover cropping can help protect and replenish it.

The problem is that the initial costs and steep learning curves often needed to implement these new techniques can be a challenge for farmers.

Over the last ten years, we have been working to overcome this barrier by providing financial and technical support to farmers in Iowa who supply our business with the soy we need for our products.

Watch ‘The Future of Farming’ here, then read our Q&A with Stefani Millie Grant, Unilever Senior Manager, External Affairs and Sustainability, who has been championing the project from the frontline since the very beginning.

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A portrait of Stefani Millie Grant

Stefani Millie Grant on Growing the future of farming

Raised in Iowa, Stefani Millie Grant, Senior Manager, External Affairs and Sustainability, knows how to talk to farmers. Now her voice is at the heart of a film by The Climate Pledge about Unilever’s Iowa cover crop programme. We spoke to Stefani days before the film aired.

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