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  • Unilever sets bold new ‘Future Foods’ ambition

    London/Rotterdam - Unilever today announced a new annual global sales target of €1 billion from plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, within the next five to seven years. The growth will be driven by the roll-out of The Vegetarian Butcher as well as increasing vegan alternatives from brands including Hellmann’s, Magnum and Wall’s.

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  • Unilever research identifies mouthwash technology with potential to reduce viral load of SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99.9%

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  • Unilever makes progress on its sustainable packaging goals

    London/Rotterdam; Unilever, owner of brands including Dove, Seventh Generation and Magnum, continues to make progress towards its ambitious commitments for a waste-free world, despite the challenging environment created by Covid-19. Unilever’s commitments remain unchanged and the company has significantly stepped up its use of recycled plastic.

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  • Strong third-quarter performance shows resilience and agility

    Today, Unilever announced its results for the third quarter of 2020. The strong performance – with underlying sales up 4.4% – reflects the resilience of our portfolio and our agility in responding to changing consumer and channel dynamics.

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  • Unilever’s manufacturing site in Hefei, China, joins the WEF’s renowned Global Lighthouse Network

    London / Rotterdam - Today Unilever announced that its manufacturing site in Hefei, China, has been recognized as an ‘Advanced 4th Industrial Revolution Lighthouse’ by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in collaboration with McKinsey & Co. This is the second Unilever site to achieve the prestigious status.

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  • Unilever to eliminate fossil fuels in cleaning products by 2030

    London/Rotterdam - Unilever, a leading manufacturer of cleaning and laundry products, today announces it will source 100% of the carbon derived from fossil fuels in its cleaning and laundry product formulations with renewable or recycled carbon. This move is set to transform the sustainability of global cleaning and laundry brands including Omo (Persil), Sunlight, Cif and Domestos.

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  • Unilever to acquire Liquid I.V.

    Englewood Cliffs, N.J. – Unilever announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Liquid I.V., a U.S-based health-science nutrition and wellness company.

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  • 64% of people unaware of blue light impact on skin

    Two in three (64%) people are unaware of the effect that blue light can have on their skin, Unilever has found[1]. We want to help people “beat the screen blues” by raising awareness of the negative impact that blue light has on skin – not just on our faces, but on the rest of the body too.

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  • Unilever and Algenuity partner to explore use of microalgae protein

    Wageningen, the Netherlands – Today Unilever and biotech start-up Algenuity are announcing a new partnership to delve into the huge potential microalgae bring in innovating future foods for Unilever’s plant-based portfolio. Algenuity, which specialises in developing microalgae for use in consumer products, will work with the R&D team within Unilever’s Foods and Refreshment (F&R) division to explore ways of bringing foods made with microalgae to the market.

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  • Life in the Pits: scientists identify key enzyme behind BO

    Scientists have discovered a unique enzyme responsible for the pungent characteristic smell we call body odour or BO.

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  • Half-year results: performance reflects agility and resilience of the business

    Today, Unilever announced its results for the first half of 2020, which show that overall underlying sales declined 0.1%, with developed markets up 2.4% and emerging markets down 1.9%.

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  • Unilever evolves skin care portfolio to embrace a more inclusive vision of beauty

    London/Rotterdam - Unilever announced today the next step in the evolution of its skin care portfolio to a more inclusive vision of beauty – which includes the removal of the words ‘fair/fairness’, ‘white/whitening’, and ‘light/lightening’ from its products’ packs and communication. As part of this decision, the Fair & Lovely brand name will be changed in the next few months.

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