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Submit invoice – 10: Aisino e-Invoicing

Applicable country:


Electronic Invoice: We recommend you submit invoices electronically to Unilever using Aisino Supplier Platform.

Submit electronic invoice – Chinese (PDF 360.28 KB)

Submit electronic invoice – English (PDF 164.18 KB)

Paper Invoice: For vendors from outside China, please submit your invoice to the following address: List of addresses (XLSX 76.54 KB)

Company List in China:
Unilever (China) Limited
Unilever (China) Ltd. Conghua Branch
Unilever (Sichuan) Co, Ltd.
Unilever Foods (China) Company Limited
Unilever Service (Hefei) CO, Ltd. SC Branch
Unilever (China) Investing Co. Ltd.
Unilever (China) Ltd. Shanghai Branch
Unilever Service (Hefei) Co. Ltd. SH Br.
Unilever Service (Hefei) Company Limited
Wall's (China) Company Limited
Wall's (China) Co. Ltd. Taichang Branch
Wall's (China) Co. Ltd. Changzhou Office
Wall's (China) Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
Wall's (China) Co. Ltd. Nanjing Office
Wall's (China) Co. Ltd. Shenzhen Office
Wall's (China) Co. Ltd. Tianjin Office
Wall's (China) Co. Ltd. Wuhan Office
Wall's (China) Co. Ltd. Shanghai Branch
Unilever Trading (Shanghai) Co, Ltd.
Unilever (Tianjin) Company Limited

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