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A close up of soybean pods hanging from a branch


We have several routes to ensuring we buy only deforestation-free soy for our foods, including for Hellmann’s mayonnaise. We source from areas where there is a negligible risk of deforestation, as defined in our negligible risk protocols; we also use certification and independent verification.

Where a supplier buys only from areas where there is a negligible risk of deforestation, we permit them to self-declare that they do so and, with our partner 3keel, we collect traceability information.

Where we buy from high-risk origins, such as Latin America, we ensure that suppliers have control measures in place for traceability so that deforestation does not enter our supply chain. We also consider segregated material that is certified by Proterra or the Round Table on Responsible Soy, while supporting farmers to adopt better farming practices and obtain certification.

In Brazil, we are particularly proud of our collaboration with CJ Selecta - a partnership that supports wider industry transformation. We invested to help the company set up a bespoke green refinery solution for no deforestation. It is also subject to our verification process to ensure the controls and measures are in place to provide us with deforestation-free materials. In 2023, we only needed 20% of the green refinery’s production capacity.

At the end of 2023, 95.8% of the soy we sourced was deforestation-free.

Soybean suppliers list 2022 (PDF 130.49 KB)

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