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When you smell good, good things happen

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Axe is also known as:

  • Lynx

    United Kingdom, Australia, China

When you smell good, good things happen. You’re a little more confident and life opens up a world of possibilities. We believe that attraction is for everyone and between anyone. It doesn’t matter your race, your sexuality, or your pronouns. If you’re into it and they’re into it, we’re into it. That’s The New AXE Effect.

Our Products

We’ll keep it short and sweet: we design awesome fragrances so you can smell irresistible. All day. All over.

What do we mean by awesome? Well, we create relevant and unexpected fragrances that often rewrite the rules of traditional masculine scents – by putting a modern twist on classic structures and notes. We know our sandalwood from our cedarwood, and we’re proud to be fragrance geeks behind the scenes.

But our products don’t just smell amazing– they really do the job, with our dual action technology that busts odor and boosts fragrance. They feel great to use too, and they look great on your shelf or in your bag.

Axe deodorant

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More about Axe

Check out to find out more about our brand and our products, and head to YouTube to see what we’re up to.