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Getting the world’s ‘to do’ list done


Hunger. Poverty. Climate change. Inequality. How do you even begin to try to solve problems like these? A new global campaign suggests the best way to start might lie in writing the trusty ‘to do’ list

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What’s at the top of your ‘to do’ list?

Ending world hunger, stopping climate change and fighting for gender equality are headlining ours.

They may sound like impossible targets, but a new campaign launching today suggests that if we collectively take action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (aka Global Goals) and work towards them, we could make the seemingly unachievable, achievable.

The brainchild of Project Everyone, a not-for-profit creative communications agency headed up by Love Actually screenwriter Richard Curtis, The World’s To Do List campaign is calling on companies around the world to sacrifice some of their business space, be it online or in the real world, and dedicate it to raising awareness about the importance of the Global Goals.

That’s why over the next week, sticky notes featuring the Global Goals will be appearing across Unilever’s websites and social channels as well as projected onto the London HQ. They will be covering up our brand logos online and included on employee’s social posts… all as a reminder that the planet and its people have to come first.

How the Global Goals are at the heart of our business

Although we’ll be highlighting the seven Global Goals below this week, the reality is that our business plan, the Unilever Compass, reflects a commitment to working towards achieving all 17.

Our €1 billion Climate and Nature Fund, for example, was launched to help our brands run nature positive projects that will help combat climate change over the next ten years. And our Positive Beauty vision aims to harness the power of our beauty and personal care brands to help improve health and wellbeing and advance equity and inclusion.

In the same way, through our Future Foods commitments, we are working to transform global food systems so that they are fairer, less wasteful and better for the health of people and the planet. And our Clean Future initiative is committed to replacing 100% of the carbon derived from fossil fuels in our Home Care formulations with renewable or recycled alternatives by 2030.

“The world faces enormous challenges, from runaway climate change to hunger and dire poverty. Interconnected issues that will not be solved unless we take collective action – across businesses, governments and civil society,” explains Rebecca Marmot, Unilever Chief Sustainability Officer.

“The Global Goals give us a clear framework to help us tackle these challenges and deliver a thriving planet and society by 2030. We are committed to playing our part, and are hopeful that we’ll collectively cross items off this critically important ‘to do’ list.”

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