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How our food waste warriors are taking action


We’re using the power of innovation, technology and brands such as Hellmann’s to reduce waste from farm to fork. But behind every great initiative are purposeful people who use their skills, ideas and passion to drive this change. Here are the stories of six of them.

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One third of all food produced in this world is lost or wasted. This amounts to the gigantic quantity of 1.3 billion tonnes while more than 800 million people go hungry every day.

Not everybody realises yet that food loss and waste is not only a humanitarian and economic crisis, it’s a huge environmental issue.

Food waste feeds climate change. Around 8–10% of global greenhouse gas emissions originate from food waste. If food waste were a country, it would be the third-biggest greenhouse gas emitter after the US and China.

Moreover, food waste consumes large quantities of precious natural resources – like agricultural land as large as China and freshwater three times the size of Lake Geneva.

In the face of such big numbers, it may be hard to imagine what we can do as individuals to make a positive impact on this issue.

Today, on International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, we want to share the stories of six food waste warriors who work across our business. Through their ideas, skills and passion for action they are helping us cut food waste from farm to fork. We hope sharing their stories inspires you to make a difference too.

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