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Our new roll-on packs are now here!

Made with at least 22% less plastic vs. our previous bottle, and 100% recyclable.

A selection of Unilever brand roll on deodorants

Unilever switches to new and more sustainable roll-on packs!

Now one of the lightest roll-ons on the market, our lightest pack ever is available with an improved shape, making it easier to use, store and take on the go. The new ergonomic shape also gives good grip when applying, and does not slip when wet.

After use, please recycle your roll-on with the rest of your household plastic recycling to help ensure we keep plastic inside the loop, and stop it from finding its way into the environment.


Closing the Plastic Loop

At Unilever, we are trying to reduce the impact of our products on the environment (see Closing The Loop On Plastic | Unilever for more information). We are therefore relaunching all roll-on bottles of our biggest brands Dove, Dove Men + Care, Rexona, and Axe.

The new pack has been designed to reduce plastic usage and we plan to incorporate recycled plastic in the future.

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