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Unilever Global: Making sustainable living commonplace


Hello, we are Unilever. We have over 400 brands across 190 countries and are using our scale for good.


Hello, we are Unilever.

Illustrations of onshore wind turbines in action and a collage of illustrated Unilever products.

400+ brand in 190 countries.

A collage of illustrated Unilever products and a man on a Wall’s-branded bicycle.

We are using our scale for good.

Illustration of two people squeezing Dove shampoo onto their heads.

Q3 2023 Trading Statement and CEO update

Unilever released its Q3 2023 Trading Statement on Thursday 26th October 2023.

There was a webcast at 8:30 am (UK time) and a replay is now available.

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3.4 billion peoplein 190 countries use our brands every day.

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Ground-breaking innovations with more than 20,000 patents.

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We’re taking action on the issues affecting our world.

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Rethinking plastic packaging

There’s a lot of plastic pollution in the environment, some with our name on it – and that’s not okay with us.

Zero deforestation

We’re working within our business and with external partners to eliminate deforestation from our supply chain, support human rights and tackle climate change.

Future workforce

We’re helping young people develop the skills they need to find meaningful work.

Two women in work overalls sort tomatoes on a factory production line

A living wage

We want to raise living standards by ensuring everyone who directly provides goods and services to Unilever earns a living wage or income.

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