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Our products and ingredients

Unilever has more than 400 brands focused on health and wellbeing. Our products are used safely millions of times a day and we understand that people are increasingly interested in health and environmental issues and want know more about the ingredients in the products they use. 

Find out more about the ingredients we use in our home and beauty & personal care products so you can be sure that whenever you use a Unilever product you know it is a product you can trust.

Our approach to ingredients

Unilever scientists at the Shanghai R&D centre

Our ingredient standards are determined by three key factors: laws and regulations, our own internal safety assessments, and changing consumer preferences.

What’s in our products?

What’s in Our Products

Search for a product by brand name to find a list of its ingredients in Unilever’s home and beauty & personal care products sold in Europe.

Your ingredient questions answered

Products on sale in a store

Do you have questions about the ingredients in home and personal care products? Here we answer questions on the ingredient topics we are contacted about most often.

About ingredients

Making sense of ingredient lists

To ensure consistency, there is a standard way of identifying ingredients in personal care products, called the INCI system. INCI stands for the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. INCI is often used for home care products too. 

Using the INCI system means that ingredient lists can look rather technical, even with the simplest of ingredients, such as salt (sodium chloride) and water (aqua). However, a consistent approach to naming ingredients helps people to compare the products they buy – wherever they are in the world. 

Fragrances are often made up of many different ingredients. If you see the word ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’ in a list of ingredients, this indicates the presence of a fragrance.

Natural and synthetic ingredients

We use both natural and synthetic ingredients in our products. 

Synthetic ingredients are often no different in chemical composition from natural ones. In fact, everything is a chemical, whether it is natural or man-made, and some natural substances are very toxic and are more likely to be contaminated with bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms. 

Whether an ingredient is natural or synthetic, we apply the best current science to ensure it is safe. We don’t assume that natural extracts are superior to synthetic alternatives. 

In fact, a synthetic ingredient that is chemically identical to a natural one can prove more stable and effective than its natural counterpart and contain less impurities. 

It can sometimes be better for the environment to use man-made rather than natural ingredients in our home and personal care products. 

The impact of harvesting natural materials and the effects of doing so on biodiversity can require particular consideration. 

We evaluate which type of ingredient to use on a case-by-case basis, based on scientific evidence.


Some people can become allergic to certain ingredients. Often we can’t leave out these ingredients altogether because they perform an important function. 

Our expert scientists use state of the art methods to ensure we use these ingredients at the minimum level required to be effective, without causing people to become allergic. 

If you experience any reactions after using any of our home or personal care products, you should stop using it immediately and contact your doctor. A dermatologist assessment can then identify if you are allergic to certain ingredients. This will let you know what it is you may need to avoid and help you to select suitable products.

Find our more about our approach to allergies.

You can also contact us for advice.

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