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We are often asked questions about the ingredients we use in our home and beauty & personal care products. For example: Why is a certain ingredient included in a product? What does it do? Is it safe for me, my family and the environment? Sometimes we are asked why we choose not to use certain ingredients.

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Many people enjoy using fragranced products. To create them we only use high-quality ingredients that meet global standards set by the International Fragrance Research Association (IFRA).

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We use preservatives to help protect our products from bacteria, yeasts and moulds. In the natural world preservatives help defend plant, human and animal cells.

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Plastic scrub beads

We stopped using plastic scrub beads in 2014 in response to concerns about the build-up of microplastics in oceans and lakes.

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Many of the things people say they like about personal care products – from the silky effect of hair conditioners to the smooth feel of roll-on deodorants– are made possible by silicones.

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Sodium hypochlorite

Our brands help keep homes and workplaces clean, fresh and protected from germs. For many decades, we have used sodium hypochlorite in our home care products because it is a powerful and fast-acting disinfectant that combats a wide range of micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses.

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