Every Domestos provides safer toilets in schools

Globally, one in three people don’t have access to a hygienic toilet. But every time you clean your toilet with Domestos, you’re helping our Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Futures programme and supporting our partnership with UNICEF to change this by bringing cleaner, safer toilets to 25 million people globally.

Waging a war on poor sanitation in schools

Toilets, they might not seem like that big of a deal (well, other than when nature calls), but take them away from people, and you not only take away their dignity, you also leave them susceptible to deadly bacterial diseases. That’s why the Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Futures programme works with leading sanitation organizations to ensure schools not only have safe, clean toilet facilities, but also the know-how to maintain those facilities in the long run.

Since 2012, Domestos has supported UNICEF in bringing cleaner, safer toilets to over 16 million people

One in three people worldwide are in danger of sickness and disease because they don’t have access to a sanitary toilet. That’s why we partner with UNICEF, local NGOs and governmental authorities to help improve the condition of toilets in communities and schools all over the globe. In 2018, the Domestos UNICEF partnership tightened its focus to India, where 707 million people are without access to basic sanitation. Together, we’re working across the country to help people without toilets get access to one.

Over 16 million people reached with cleaner, safer toilets

By 2020, we aim to help 25 million people gain access to cleaner, safer toilets globally

The war on poor sanitation isn’t going to be won overnight, but by choosing Domestos as your germ-killing weapon of choice, you’re helping make the lives of millions of people across the world that little bit cleaner, safer and better.

Domestos keeping your home clean

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