Every OMO promotes outdoor play

For kids, unstructured, imaginative and immersive play in the great outdoors is more than just fun—it’s a big part of their development. So, we proudly support Outdoor Classroom Day’s muddy mission to restore childhood, and by laundry spinning with OMO, you’re also helping millions of kids rediscover the joy of outdoor play.

Stains, smudges and splotches aren’t bad—they’re badges of childhood fun

We believe that getting out and getting stuck into the natural world in all its grubby glory is what being a kid’s all about. More than that though, it can also have amazing benefits; from increasing focus and boosting creativity, to teaching confidence, teamwork and resilience. That’s why, since 2015 we’ve been proudly supporting Outdoor Classroom Day. This global initiative encourages teachers across the world to take their lessons into the great outdoors for a day of hands-on learning and play.

In 2018 alone, more than 3.5 million kids across the world, got involved in Outdoor Classroom Day

With loads of lesson plans and resources available not only for teachers, but also parents who want to get involved in the outdoor play and learning revolution, the work we’re doing with Outdoor Classroom Day has had some powerful effects. Teachers who’ve signed up frequently report that their kid’s behaviour improves, classes get more excited to learn, and those who feel unsure and reserved in the classroom often thrive in an outdoor environment. And after discovering all the fun of outdoor learning, many are making it a regular part of their lessons.

Over 3.5 million kids signed up for outdoor classroom day in 2018

Together, we can inspire outdoor play time for everyone, every day

Outdoor Classroom Day shouldn’t be limited to a single day though, and through resources, like the Wild Explorers App (with over 100 fun, safe games and ideas that turn the whole family into explorers) we can work together to inspire outdoor play time every day!

So, every time you pop on a wash cycle with OMO, you’re helping support our mission to get kids engaging with more real play in the real world. Together, we can restore childhood. If you like the idea of getting involved with Outdoor Classroom Day yourself – great stuff! Sign up here for the next Outdoor Classroom day and use the resources to plan the next lesson you’ll take outside.

Laundry washing with Omo

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