Every Rexona helps spread a positive movement message

Running, walking, skipping, jumping—the human body was built to move. But in a modern world that’s growing more and more sedentary, this fact is often forgotten. Rexona believes in spreading a positive message about the power of movement, so every time you spray or roll on your Rexona you’re helping inspire millions of people to get up and get moving.

Getting people moving with Rexona’s 5000 Steps app

With millions of us strapped to desk jobs during the day and sinking into the sofa at night, we’re often wasting our greatest human attribute—our body’s ability to move! Through the “Move More, Live More” campaign we’re on a movement mission to change this. The campaign raises awareness about the importance and benefits of a more active lifestyle.

To help keep track of your movement goals, we created the “5000 steps” app. Downloaded over 5,000 times already, this app logs exactly how many steps a person takes during the day, and sets personal targets, encouraging them to get up and move that little bit more.

5000 steps Rexona

Together, we can inspire a society of movers and shakers

Though our movement mission is off to a good start, there’s still a lot of work to be done before everybody is moving their body like it was born to do. By continuing to choose Rexona, and move your own body, you’re helping us remind, encourage and inspire more and more people to live life with a little more movement.

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