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Pioneering outstanding in-silico R&D to deliver superior product innovation

Data. Knowledge. Impact.

DataLab is a leading collaboration platform for in-silico R&D innovation. We provide a unique open environment to our partners, where we jointly develop novel, high-impact digital solutions in the areas of science and engineering. By innovating together, we deliver product superiority that is sustainable and meets the needs of our consumers, globally.

Unilever DataLab harnesses three core components:

  1. A century-long culture of innovation with the R&D insights and discoveries that drive Unilever today.
  2. An R&D commitment that is transforming through digital and makes the most of our data to deliver truly unique insights.
  3. An ecosystem of specialist partners who bring unique skills and expertise to bear on the problems that matter.

All these elements come together in a one-of-a-kind platform, created to deliver breakthrough solutions for People, Planet and Unilever.

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Ambition. Collaboration. Obsession.

We are assembling the brightest and most capable minds in our industry to design AI-powered computational models, virtual simulations and advanced analytics to power discovery and address some of the biggest innovation challenges of today… and tomorrow.

The DataLab Ecosystem is driven by:

  • An ambition to pioneer breakthrough solutions.
  • A belief that true collaboration powers the greatest achievements.
  • An obsession to get to the core of the problem and never give up until it’s solved.

The DataLab Ecosystem

The DataLab Ecosystem is unique in the industry: we partner with a global network of highly curated world-leading scientists and engineers, who are amongst the most inquisitive and creative minds in the world. Together, we leverage our deep expertise in the domains of in-silico chemistry/biology, data science, process engineering and analytics to progress discovery at an unprecedented rate.

  • Mining large-scale scientific data for unique insights leveraging generative AI.
  • Creating format-specific predictive models to validate safety without animal testing.
  • Always-on AI-powered research for dynamic insight generation.
  • Cross-functional product portfolio analytics to drive value through simplification.
  • Formulation optimisation for better, more sustainable and cost-efficient products.
  • Rapid in-silico design to identify molecules with the target properties.
  • Virtually simulating manufacturing processes to scale energy-efficient production with minimal waste and consistent quality.
  • … and so much more

We have selected 12 best in class partners to launch our ecosystem, and we will evolve it based on future needs.

Diagram showing the DataLab partner structure
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Alberto Prado

"We are opening DataLab to a highly curated network of leading expert partners to fast-track our in-silico journey and deliver against our innovation ambitions."

Alberto Prado, Global Head of R&D – Digital & Partnerships
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Get in touch

If you are interested in becoming a partner or in knowing more about DataLab contact us at

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