Fighting viruses

We want to reduce virus-borne diseases by developing a new active ingredient for our products which inactivates viruses without relying on bleaches, strong acids, or alcohols.

The challenge

Many of the world's most serious diseases are caused by viruses, which are found everywhere in the environment and have the ability to remain dormant for long periods. While traditional cleaning products, which include ingredients like bleach or halogen, provide good protection against viruses, we are looking for new active ingredients that have a broad-spectrum anti-viral effect.

Are you working on a new virucidal active? We'd like to work with partners who could help us, particularly if they have already undergone external, third-party assays and, ideally, tested under the EN 14476 Quantitative Suspension Method for Virucidal Activity. Any natural or synthetic product we developed would have to come from a source that could produce substantial quantities in a reliable and sustainable way.

What are we looking for?

To meet our challenge, a new active would:

  • exhibit wide-ranging anti-viral efficacy

  • be easy to formulate across our product lines (in both acidic and alkaline formulations, and in anionic or cationic formulations)

  • be proprietary

  • be safe for use on skin

  • come from a reliable and sustainable source

What we're thinking

We have some ideas for areas where innovation could meet this challenge:

  • natural ingredients and plant oils

  • marine sources

  • synthetic sources

What we need

We're open to working with partners who can help with the solutions we're already considering – or who have a technological idea we haven't thought of at all. But your solution must meet some key requirements:

  • It cannot be based on bleach, strong acids, or alcohol.

  • The active must be general, and not specific to one virus.

  • You must have identified a sustainable source of supply.

Could you help us create a better future?

If you have a design or technological idea that could help us meet this challenge, we'd like to hear from you.

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