Long lasting green colour for herbs and vegetables

With colour playing such a critical role in enhancing a consumer’s sensory experience, we want a cost-effective and safe technology to retain the natural green colour of herbs and vegetables in long-shelf life food products.

The challenge

The green colour of herbs and vegetables that have been heat treated to increase their shelf life is not very stable. They fade, or turn brownish, if they are stored for long periods, especially when exposed to light and certain gases, such as oxygen. This reduces or hampers the fresh or authentic perception of the foods.

What we are looking for

We need to find a food-grade technology that we can use in products that contain herbs and vegetables. It must be natural (not artificial), work over a twelve-month shelf life and be cost-effective. Ideally the technology is generic i.e. applies to various sorts of herbs and vegetables.

Possible solutions are:

  • alternative breeds of vegetables and herbs

  • alternative pretreatment/processing of vegetables and herbs

  • additives or other stabilisers for green colour

Constraints & requirements:

  • comply with necessary safety and regulatory requirements for food products

  • no negative effects on product stability and on sensorial product characteristics

  • be GMO free and irradiation free.

  • work (also) at water activity >0.6, and pH 4-7

Could you help us find a way to retain the natural green colour of herbs and vegetables?

If you have a design, ingredient or technical solution that could help us meet this challenge, we’d like to hear from you.

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