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We’re on the side of food

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Born in a NY Deli back in 1913, Hellmann’s purpose is to help people enjoy good, honest food, for the simple pleasure it is, without worry or waste. Made with real, simple quality ingredients and true expertise and craftsmanship, Hellmann’s is the World’s No 1 mayonnaise.

Since the very beginning, Hellmann’s has been bringing out the best in food. But we have an even bigger role to play: we want to help people #MakeTasteNotWaste.

Make Taste, Not Waste

Our founder Richard Hellmann was an immigrant, and a man of the people. When Hellmann and his wife, Margaret, opened their first Deli on New York’s Columbus Avenue, years of crafting went into combining real, honest ingredients – so mayonnaise wasn’t just a delicacy for a few, but a helping hand to bring taste to the simplest foods, available to all.​

But it turns out the most common foods out there are also the most wasted ones globally. And as a brand present in every other household, with products capable of transforming everyday food into a simple pleasure, we have the responsibility to act.

Hellmann's Make Taste, Not Waste campaign

Turn Nothing into Something

Hellmann’s believes food is too good to be wasted and food waste should be socially unacceptable. We want to help people to make any food delicious, so they don’t have to waste any.

That’s why our brand vision and commitment is to inspire and enable 100 million consumers every year until 2025 to be more resourceful with their food, and waste less.

Hellmann's campaign Turn Nothing into Something inspires people to look into their fridges and see the multiple possibilities they've got to turn disparate ingredients into something delicious.

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Download our Food Waste Hacks booklet (PDF 7.67MB) (Opens in a new window) and discover tips, hacks, and recipes to help you reduce waste and save money and time!

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We all buy food with the best intentions, but then life gets in the way!

No one ever sets out with the intention of throwing good food in the bin, but life gets in the way. Our plans change, we get busy or tired after a long workday, or simply forget what we have in the fridge. We may feel unmotivated, or just lack the skills and confidence to turn seemingly unrelated ingredients into an amazing dish. And that’s how good food ends in the bin.

This is why we embarked on an ambitious study – one of the longest and largest ones – to understand household food waste behaviours and uncover simple solutions people can use to rescue food from going to waste. We found that adopting just one ‘Use-Up Day’ per week – making a meal using ingredients already in the fridge and kitchen – can reduce the amount of food thrown away by a third!

Learn more about our Domestic Food Waste Study.

Food Waste study executive summary
Veggie patty burger

For the love of food

Our founder Richard Hellmann was famous for being hardworking, charismatic and restless when the subject was food. Throughout the years, Hellmann’s love for food led us to unfailingly serve people with the best quality in the most sustainable way.

Our commitments to our founder’s cause and product are stronger than ever today. We believe great taste starts with great ingredients – and the best ingredients come from positive farming. That is why we are progressively moving towards regenerative, sustainable farming practices and leading towards higher industry standards of cruelty free eggs.

We also believe a plant forward diet can taste great. So, we continuously inspire people to find pleasure in everyday plant-forward eating and commit to making delicious vegan dressings available to all.

And lastly, we believe our planet should not pay the price for convenient plastic packs. That’s why by 2025, we will ensure that 100% of our plastic packaging is designed to be fully reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Our Blue Ribbon promise

When our famous real mayonnaise recipe was perfected in 1910, jars were filled to the brim with a delicious blend of ingredients picked to create the ultimate creamy texture and taste. Then a signature blue ribbon was tied around the jars containing the delicious mayo.

That blue ribbon standard is tied to everything we stand for today – quality, real & simple ingredients, and unmistakable taste and creaminess.

Hellmann's Blue Ribbon promise

Good from farm to fork

Hellmann’s is committed to sustainable farming, responsible business and doing right by the people – not just because we think it makes our products better, but also because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s why we only use cage-free and free-range eggs in Europe and 100% cage-free eggs in North America, source 100% of our oils responsibly in our mayonnaise, and continuously strive towards sustainable practices.

Hellmann's sustainable practices - eggs

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More about Hellmann's

Check out your local Hellmann’s website for more details about Hellmann’s activities as well as recipes, tips and hacks for tasty meals without waste.

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Bringing our purpose to life

More people care more about food waste today. We empower and inspire our consumers with simple, easy and quick tips, hacks, and recipes to rethink their relationship with food, enjoy a great taste and reduce waste. Our goal is always the same – we want people to nourish their bodies with great food and feel great about it! Our motivation to do so is what drives us towards innovating new products and really championing food’s value.