Today, we have a wider range of possibilities than ever before. Every second is an opportunity to live life to the fullest. And we want to be beautiful when we do that, don't we?

Welcome to the Sunsilkhood!

Out here, in the real world, our life is rather hectic and we need our hair to be beautiful and to stay that way despite all the twists and turns. This is where Sunsilk comes in.

Our products

Sunsilk makes hair products you will enjoy trying, exploring, using and discovering. Simple, vibrant, full of colour and scents, Sunsilk stands shoulder to shoulder with us every step of the way.

In a vibrant and constantly changing world, we can celebrate each challenge with protected, repaired, strong and well looked after hair.

Our heritage

With almost 200 years of combined experience in each bottle, whether it’s curl management, volume boosting, damage control, straightening, smoothening or colour protect, you can count on Sunsilk to hit the mark in this endeavour.

Sunsilk: Expanding horizons in Brazil

Due to social and cultural restrictions, often girls and women in Brazil find themselves with fewer options and opportunities than boys and men in education and work. And traditional harmful social norms imposed on women and girls means that they sometimes have a limited view of their own future, which can hold them back from realising their full potential. To combat these limitations, Sunsilk is seeking to open up possibilities for young women through the idea of ‘horizon stretching’ – showing them that they have access to opportunities beyond what their immediate surroundings might provide for them.

Sunsilk is a brand with purpose at its heart, being one of the Unilever Sustainable Living Brands. For Phase 1, in 2017 Sunsilk put this thinking into action in a new partnership with non-profit Plano de Menina, where we co-created the “#JuntasArrasamos” (#TogetherWeRock) programme. This pilot programme aims to build a sisterhood between girls to support each other as they think about expanding their horizons through inspiration and tools.

Juntas Arrasamos’s digital and face-to-face programme covers topics such as personal development, self-esteem and personal finance, and profiles aspirational role models as well as offering a support network. This is a very exciting time for Sunsilk, with more to come…

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