Communications and Corporate Affairs

We are a brilliantly different company with a unique purpose. Our Communications and Corporate Affairs team goes beyond to bring that vision to life. From employees to investors, journalists to job applicants, the Communications and Corporate Affairs team are there to tell the world about our purpose-led goals, our impactful work, and our big brands. Internally and externally, we spread the word about our commitment to building a better business, a better world, and a better you.

Leadership lessons from our Communications and Corporate Affairs team

Doing well by doing good

People gathered for Sustainability awarness

Ana Palencia, National Communications Director, Spain

People know me as someone who cares about, not only the environment, but also about creating a sustainable future and economic empowerment for people from all parts of the world. Which is why working for Unilever is such a good fit. In my eyes, Unilever is a company that puts all its efforts in growing its business sustainably, by decoupling its environmental footprint from growth, while increasing the organisation’s positive social impact.

Sanne Snieder, Communications Specialist, Netherlands

It is truly inspiring to work for a company that believes in making sustainable living commonplace - and it is a privilege to be delivering that through some of the world’s most loved brands.

Debbie Bird, Global Sustainable Business Manager, UK

We are not defined by our job titles, but the positive impact that we make

External communications senior coordinator

Builder & Guardian of Gender Equality - External Communication Senior Coordinator, Isa Miamoto

Global Communications Executive

Positive Energy Provider - Global Communications Executive, Rowena Hearn

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You are more than just your job title

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