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With more than 169,000 brilliantly different employees across the world, and with a digital presence to be proud of, our success relies on a strong technological infrastructure and top-of-the-range IT products. That is why we look for the bright minds and fresh thinkers for our Information Technology team.

Leadership lessons from our Information Technology team

The business can provide the map, the parameters for technological success, but ultimately the people on the ground are the ones who will steer the car in the right direction.

Anja Kischkat, Digital Transformation Director DACH

IT at Unilever has given me the freedom and creativity to really make a difference. Being at the forefront of new technology and innovation exposes me to game changing capabilities, which i can proudly say I play a part in delivering

Jen Starkey, Mobile & Device Services Director, UK

We are not defined by our job titles, but the positive impact that we make

Platform engagement manager, IT

Sanitation Saviour - Platform Engagement Manager IT, Madhulika Srivastava

IT manager for Indonesia

Digital Transformation Torchbearer - IT manager, Digital Marketing, Resi Hening

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