Unilever’s Marketers are impactful Entrepreneurs in sustainable marketing and are increasingly focused on driving performance through brands with purpose; brands which provide a positive change to people and to society. We want to reach more people in more places more often with product truth; enabling and empowering people to achieve great things for themselves, for our business, and for the world.

Our brilliantly different brands - brands that have a strong purpose, but where the product itself is also contributing towards a more sustainable planet – such as Knorr, Omo, Dove and Lipton are growing 30% faster than the rest of our portfolio and delivering over half of our growth.

Leadership lessons from our Marketing team

As the world shrinks, Unilever’s brands and products continue to fulfill the everyday, changing needs of our consumers. There is no better place than Unilever marketing to participate in and lead this exciting transformation.

Anjali Rai, Global Markets Digital Transformation Director, Poland

Often in Marketing, people spend too much time thinking, when what is needed is a confident plan of action. We need to be ready to take risks every now and again, and that is particularly true in the digital space. Fortunately, in my work, Unilever provides the freedom to experiment because you either succeed, or you learn how to the next time.7

Stephanie Coenen, Marketing Assistant Deodorants, Skin - & Haircare & Digital Lead, Belgium

We are not defined by our job titles, but the positive impact that we make

Brand manager

Community Development Champion - Brand Manager, Fleur Osté

Senior brand manager

Beauty Rules Breaker - Senior Brand Manager, Panisa Suwanarat

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You are more than just your job title

We believe our employees are not defined by their job titles, but by the positive impact they make through the work they do. Click below to uncover the purpose that drives you, and join our movement to change the conversation around job titles.