Research & Development

Innovation is at the core of our commitment to growing our business and making a positive impact in the world: more than 6,000 people work within R&D in a variety of purposeful and impactful roles. Our scientists explore and develop the technologies of the future, whilst our product developers use this science and technology to develop and bring to market Unilever’s next generation innovations. In unity, this team goes beyond to combine the search for breakthrough technologies with the constant drive to respond to competitors, move into new markets, and strengthen our brands with purpose.

Leadership lessons from our Research & Development team

R&D helps to bring the Sustainable Living Plan and great ideas to life using new technologies, innovations and a wealth of expertise and history. We work with our colleagues in every function from Marketing to Supply Chain to Finance as well as key partnerships to develop new products with purpose that provide benefits to millions of people around the world every day.

Henry Durant, R&D Ice Cream Manager: Global Systems & Channels and Global Retail Operations, UK

At Unilever, R&D works hand-in-hand with marketing to creating fantastic innovations. Our science and technologies are used to unlock the benefits of the products that reach 2 million consumers each day. We truly make a difference.

David Blanchard, Chief R&D Officer

We are not defined by our job titles, but the positive impact that we make

R&D deos formulation coordinator

Brand Turbo Charger - R&D Deos Formulation Coordinator, Ignacio Berrera-Oro

Hair R&D manager

Hair-Steem Builder - Hair R&D, Jasmine Mucenieks

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You are more than just your job title

We believe our employees are not defined by their job titles, but by the positive impact they make through the work they do. Click below to uncover the purpose that drives you, and join our movement to change the conversation around job titles.