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Climate & Nature

Our actions to fight climate change, regenerate nature and preserve resources

With the planet in crisis, we must do our part to stop the damage and restore its health. That’s why we have set out a range of new, ambitious actions to fight climate change and protect nature.

We have a window to act

Climate change, nature degradation, biodiversity decline and water scarcity are immensely complex and intertwined problems. But they are not just environmental issues: they also have a devastating impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.

The World Health Organisation predicts that between 2030 and 2050, global warming will cause an additional 250,000 deaths a year from heat stress, malnutrition, malaria and diarrhoea. And the UN Food and Agriculture Organization reports that biodiversity loss threatens the security of the world’s food supplies and the livelihoods of millions.

Through the blueprint laid down by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we know what we need to do. And while time is not on our side, we have a window to act.

That’s why we are committing to:

  • Net zero emissions for all our products by 2039.
  • A deforestation-free supply chain by 2023.
  • Empowering a new generation of farmers and smallholders to protect and regenerate their environment.
  • A new Regenerative Agriculture Code for all our suppliers.
  • Water stewardship programmes to 100 locations in water-stressed areas by 2030.
  • Investing €1 billion in a new Climate & Nature Fund, which will be used by Unilever’s brands over the next ten years to take meaningful and decisive action.

Our new, ambitious actions to create a healthier world

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