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Sustainable Nutrition & Food Supply
Women chef in industrial kitchen creating and serving a plant-based dish

Nourishing the future: innovations to grow the plant-based market

Going plant-based makes sense – for our health and the planet – and it’s a growing market. Find out how we’re using cutting-edge food technology to develop textures and flavours that meat- and dairy-lovers enjoy and put more plant-based options onto mainstream menus

5minute read time
Equality For All
17/09/2021 2minute read time
Black mums-to-be face disparities in care before, during and after childbirth. Baby Dove’s new fund provides support.
Equality For All
14/09/2021 3minute read time
Fear of judgment stops too many people from being active. The deo brand is advocating for change
Collaborating & innovating for change
10/09/2021 3minute read time
Hair type is determined by the proteins they contain and we’ve used these findings to create a product range for curls
Collaborating & innovating for change
07/09/2021 4minute read time
How our on-demand delivery division Ice Cream Now (ICNOW) is working to meet the speedy delivery needs of online gamers
Collaborating & innovating for change
07/09/2021 3minute read time
Unilever’s PETA-approved brands stand with Dove, The Body Shop and partners to help save cruelty free cosmetics in the EU.
Equality For All
02/09/2021 3minute read time
Women of More programme empowers business owners with skills and knowledge to build sustainable, profitable ventures.
Collaborating & innovating for change
31/08/2021 4minute read time
Dove, The Body Shop and animal protection groups are defending Europe’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics
Collaborating & innovating for change
31/08/2021 LLong Read
Six ways Hindustan Unilever grew to meet the needs of the Indian market and what’s in store for winning in the next decade
Equality For All
20/08/2021 3minute read time
‘In Her Shoes’ offers a glimpse of the casual sexism that women encounter by doing something as simple as taking a walk.
Climate Action
Collaborating & innovating for change
19/08/2021 5minute read time
We’re asking our partners to sign up to two promises: one around living wage and another around supplier diversity.
Collaborating & innovating for change
17/08/2021 5minute read time
CEO of REN Clean Skincare,Arnaud Meysselle, talks about working with the competition to fight packaging waste
Protecting The Natural World
27/07/2021 4minute read time
By 2030, all the ingredients we use in our products will biodegrade completely and quickly.
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