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12 ways we made a difference in 2017

@Unilever 2.3 billion people still lack basic sanitation. Read how building toilets can save lives and kickstart a new econom… https://t.co/UivtVacwfO
@Unilever Do you like your brands to have purpose too? Vote now for @keithweed as Global Marketer of the Year https://t.co/EVGo0mR69s
@Unilever @Gingerfelix Hi - sorry you're experiencing problems. Please could you call our Careline so we can help you with this? (0)800 01 01 09
@Unilever @mhbally56 Hi Mary, thanks for getting in touch. This isn't one of our products. HD
@Unilever RT @HUL_News: HUL launches a new campaign ‘A Playing Billion’ under its Swachh Aadat Swachh Bharat programme. Know more: https://t.co/dPTxI
@Unilever @Pugsy206cc Sorry to hear that! If you give our Careline a call we'll see if we can make your day any better (0)800 01 01 09 HD
@Unilever RT @Campaignmag: 2018 needs to celebrate women in the workplace, says @Unilever's @alinecsantos https://t.co/j3vYFgDn1a https://t.co/hc8pGz
@Unilever @turboww Hi Martyn, please give your local Careline a call and they can look into this for you https://t.co/HPv2PHXYLl
@Unilever @ilalvarezof Please could you call your local Careline so we can look into this for you? Contact details can be fou… https://t.co/ZxjPRZSwJL
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