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15/10/2021 2minute read time
A year ago, we asked young people around the world to help get the Global Goals done. Here we present the four winning teams.
05/10/2021 4minute read time
WEF recognises our China manufacturing site as a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution Lighthouse’
20/09/2021 5minute read time
Hunger. Climate change. Inequality. Could a ‘to do’ list for the world really help solve its biggest problems?
10/09/2021 3minute read time
Hair type is determined by the proteins they contain and we’ve used these findings to create a product range for curls
07/09/2021 4minute read time
How our on-demand delivery division Ice Cream Now (ICNOW) is working to meet the speedy delivery needs of online gamers
07/09/2021 3minute read time
Unilever’s PETA-approved brands stand with Dove, The Body Shop and partners to help save cruelty free cosmetics in the EU.
31/08/2021 4minute read time
Dove, The Body Shop and animal protection groups are defending Europe’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics
31/08/2021 LLong Read
Six ways Hindustan Unilever grew to meet the needs of the Indian market and what’s in store for winning in the next decade
19/08/2021 5minute read time
We’re asking our partners to sign up to two promises: one around living wage and another around supplier diversity.
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