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Collaborating & innovating for change
20/01/2021 3minute read time
Partnerships explore the benefits of CPC technology in mouthwash
18/01/2021 3minute read time
Our innovative ‘nano factory’ will enable us to be more flexible and agile in our production capability
12/01/2021 3minute read time
Safe and effective, our pet care range is all about keeping animals healthy and happy
08/01/2021 3minute read time
Unilever and Alibaba Group’s Al-enabled recycling system automatically identifies and sorts plastic packaging
17/12/2020 2minute read time
We’re making our new containers and lids from previously unrecyclable plastic waste that would otherwise be thrown away
16/12/2020 4minute read time
Across our business, we took action to share support and solidarity during the pandemic this year. Here’s how…
15/12/2020 5minute read time
With eyes on the Global Goals, it’s time to welcome a new set of problem solvers – the world’s future leaders.
02/12/2020 4minute read time
The European Chemicals Agency wants familiar and safely used ingredients to be tested on animals
17/11/2020 2minute read time
S&P’s Dow Jones Sustainability Index measures over 2,000 companies on their economic, environmental and social performance.
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