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24/09/2020 4minute read time
Our Seeds of Prosperity programme is helping tea workers and their families improve their health and wellbeing
24/09/2020 4minute read time
Your ratings online aren’t just for fellow shoppers. We’re looking too. And they could influence products of the future.
23/09/2020 2minute read time
We are partnering with beauty and personal care start-ups in China for a new ecosystem of enterprise and collaboration
21/09/2020 3minute read time
Why Lipton’s encouraging everyone to take 15 minutes a day to listen and connect with others
14/09/2020 3minute read time
Our Hefei site in China has become our second facility in nine months – alongside the Dubai Personal Care factory – to join the World Economic Forum’s network of Lighthouse factories, shaping the future of manufacturing through digital technologies.
29/07/2020 3minute read time
The story behind the Dove Self-Esteem Project, and what’s next for Dove’s mission
28/07/2020 2minute read time
A single enzyme could hold the key to the most effective underarm odour control ever created. Here’s how.
16/07/2020 2minute read time
A new film shares how our scientists are pioneering alternatives to animal testing and sharing their work on a global scale
09/07/2020 3minute read time
Unilever’s new state-of-the-art R&D hub in Shanghai is using live-stream data, local insights and AI tools to speed products to market for Chinese consumers
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