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Equality For All
17/09/2021 2minute read time
Black mums-to-be face disparities in care before, during and after childbirth. Baby Dove’s new fund provides support.
14/09/2021 3minute read time
Fear of judgment stops too many people from being active. The deo brand is advocating for change
02/09/2021 3minute read time
Women of More programme empowers business owners with skills and knowledge to build sustainable, profitable ventures.
20/08/2021 3minute read time
‘In Her Shoes’ offers a glimpse of the casual sexism that women encounter by doing something as simple as taking a walk.
02/07/2021 4minute read time
Equal opportunities. Equal respect. Equal empowerment. An equal future. Here’s how we’re redressing the gender balance.
15/06/2021 4minute read time
Almost one in two from marginalised communities feels stereotyped by ads. It’s time to act with Act 2 Unstereotype.
30/04/2021 5minute read time
Brand petitions against athlete’s ban from defending her title for having natural high-performance testosterone
27/04/2021 2minute read time
Degree is committed to giving millions of people the confidence to move more.
22/01/2021 3minute read time
Everlyne Mbaluka brings hope to Mukuru slum residents
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