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Equality For All
22/09/2020 5minute read time
As the UN General Assembly goes virtual for the first time, we look at our partnerships with UN Women, UNICEF and UNHCR.
18/06/2020 3minute read time
Proud to ally, celebrate and advocate LGBTQI+ rights
15/05/2020 LLong Read
Finding robust and meaningful ways to measure our impact across all our various social programmes has proved harder than we initially anticipated.
06/03/2020 3minute read time
Everyday actions in the workplace that can make a difference this International Women’s Day
03/03/2020 2minute read time
We’ve reached a 50/50 gender balance at managerial levels across Unilever. Here’s a closer look at how we got there
08/01/2020 3minute read time
Felipe Resck is empowering girls in Brazil by teaching them coding skills
30/12/2019 4minute read time
How Ali Zaid is building an inclusive ‘eco-system’ and reaching people from a neglected community
23/12/2019 3minute read time
How Martyna Kaczmarek tackled homophobia with the Unbreakable Rainbow
10/12/2019 4minute read time
Human rights are evolving in the digital economy, and business should innovate to meet new needs
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