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How much do you value happiness?


According to our global ice cream brand Wall’s, many of us are starting to re-evaluate what makes us truly happy. Now Wall’s is working to put happiness higher up on society’s agenda

An array of Wall’s Twister ice creams

Wall’s has launched the Wall’s Happiness Manifesto (PDF 1.31 MB), calling for happiness to be recognised as a true measure of social progress.

It’s based on insights that became abundantly clear after Wall’s carried out research on people’s perceptions of happiness during lockdowns across 12 different countries in 2020. The brand surveyed 12,500 people and many said lockdowns had made them realise they had been looking for happiness in the wrong places.

  • 78% now feel strongly that happiness and wellbeing should be prioritised over money.
  • 63% want their government to take action to put happiness before economic recovery.
  • 65% said interactions with people during lockdown changed their outlook on happiness.
  • 76% admitted they knew more about celebrities’ lives than those of their neighbours. But they said this had changed during lockdown.
  • And 58% said they had found that human connection is what really makes them happy.

A societal shift

“What we see in the data in this manifesto is an indication of a wider societal shift,” says London School of Economics & Political Science Professor and author of the World Happiness Report Lord Richard Layard.

“For too long people have linked material possessions, financial prosperity and success to happiness. While these are undoubtedly important, people are coming to the realisation that it is human relationships and connections that bring true meaning and happiness to one’s life.”

Drawing on the results from its research, Wall’s wants to help shape a happier future.

Celebrating community and connection

As official partners of the United Nations SDSN World Happiness Report, Wall’s is committed to boosting the happiness movement, so that governments overhaul systems where the happiness of their citizens is not a priority.

Throughout 2021 and beyond, the brand will be bringing together academics, policymakers, businesses, communities and activists to devise a blueprint where community and connections are celebrated, and happiness is a key measure of development.

To mark the launch of the Manifesto, Wall’s convened a panel discussion, exploring what such a blueprint would look like. Unilever CEO Alan Jope was joined by esteemed experts from the field of happiness science.

“People in every culture and society share common hopes and aspirations for a better world,” said world-renowned economics professor and senior UN adviser Jeffrey Sachs at the event.

“Increased global connectedness depends on a strong home base of family and community. That’s the beauty of an interconnected world: meaning starts at home and reaches the entire planet.”

“Wall’s provides the world with 28 billion portions of happiness each year and our experience of spreading happiness and bringing people together makes us determined to lead the movement to put happiness first,” adds Wall’s Vice President Ian Maskell.

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