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Dilute-at-home cleaning trio seizes home care white space in Mexico


As the first dilute-at-home cleaning line to be launched in Mexico, Aromatel Rinde+ is shaking up the country’s home care market with its new range of superior, sustainable and competitively priced products tailored to meet the latest consumer trends

Three small bottles of concentrated Aromatel Rinde+ products alongside traditional sized bottles for diluting the product.

As the first brand in Mexico to bet on the dilute-at-home format, Aromatel Rinde+ is pioneering a whole new approach to home care with its trio of planet-friendly detergent, fabric enhancer and all-purpose cleaner.

“Until now, no player in any category offered a dilute-at-home option in the Mexican home care market,” explains Beatriz Seabra, Marketing Manager, Home Care, Mexico. “We therefore saw an opportunity to create a range that met consumer needs with a reduced environmental impact at a very competitive price.”

Currently valued at about €2.1 billion, Mexico’s home care market is growing, with research indicating (Kantar Worldpanel 2021) that consumers are buying more detergents, fabric enhancers and cleaners per year.

“On average consumers buy detergents 24 times a year, fabric softeners 14 times, and cleaners 13.5 times a year,” says Beatriz. “Clearly, there is huge potential for growth, but, as our consumer insights made very clear, we needed to provide something tailored to meet the specific needs of the Mexican market in order to succeed.”

With Aromatel Rinde+ we are introducing a positive disruption into the Mexican market.

Eduardo Campanella, Home Care Chief Marketing Officer

Tapping into consumer trends

So, what makes Aromatel Rinde+ so attractive to the Mexican consumer?

The first clue is in the name. Aromatel Rinde+’s long-lasting aroma is one of its most important selling points. Research shows that fragrance is an essential criterion for Mexican consumers, which explains why the range carries 40% more fragrance than similar products in other Latin American markets such as Brazil.

The second differential is less immediately obvious but just as important: the ability to achieve great cleaning results despite variations in water quality. “In Mexico tap water differs from region to region due to the extreme variation in natural conditions. Establishing a formulation that worked in all areas was a massive challenge but one that we are immensely proud of meeting,” says Santiago Devoto, R&D Manager, Home Care.

The final trend that was instrumental in the creation of Aromatel Rinde+ was perhaps the most unexpected. “We discovered that consumers loved to mix different ingredients, like baking soda, alcohol or even hand dishwashing products, with their detergent when they were doing laundry,“ explains Beatriz.

“This was a super valuable insight as this affinity with ‘homemade’ formulations indicated that consumers would view the dilute-at-home process as a benefit rather than a chore,” she says. “In addition, the new format offered an economical and efficient answer to consumer needs with a concentrated formula that has as much cleaning power when diluted as traditional-sized detergents.”

Making progress towards a Clean Future

True to Unilever’s ambition to delight consumers while also setting a new standard of sustainability in the home care market, the Aromatel Rinde+ range boasts 100% recyclable packaging and a massive 70% reduction in plastic thanks to the smaller bottles needed for the concentrate. In addition, thanks again to the down-sized bottles, the products require six times fewer trucks for transport – further reducing their carbon footprint.

Shaking up the status quo in Mexico

“We are very proud to have created such an important and innovative range for Mexicans which retains the success factors that have already revolutionised the market for liquid detergents in Latin America,“ says Eduardo Campanella, Home Care Chief Marketing Officer.

“With Aromatel Rinde+ we are introducing a positive disruption into the Mexican market.”

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